Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bike Repair Shop Opening Soon

With all of the cyclists shooting down 14th Street during morning rush hour, it won't be long before a bike shop opens between Columbia Heights and downtown. I snapped a photo of this soon-to-be former video storefront at 1320 14th Street, NW, on my walk home today.

I haven’t mustered up the courage to bike into work again just yet. I still am recovering from my injuries after a tangle with a Metrobus last October. In a nutshell: I was in the bike lane heading north on 9th 11th Street at G Street, NW; the bus driver tried to get a head start on a right turn; the middle of the bus hit me and knocked me off of my bike; the bus dragged my bike half way up the block before a bystander persuaded the bus driver to stop. My bike has been fixed, and Revolution Cycles (all the way over in Georgetown -- not a convenient location for downtown cyclists) assured me that it’s roadworthy again. You should see my helmet, which got banged up. I'm glad I was wearing it. It probably saved my life.

Update: I incorrectly stated 9th Street, NW. The accident occurred on 11th Street. Thank you JS for alerting me to the error, which I have corrected. To ride northbound against the one-way, southbound traffic on 9th Street, NW, near the old convention center site would be pretty darn foolish.

Washington Area Bicyclist Association
1803 Connecticut Ave, NW, 3rd Floor
Washington, DC 20009
Fax: 202.518.0936


Pop Cultured said...


JS said...

That is very scary... but can I assume you mean you were headed south on 9th? I drive that all the time and the bike lane there is a bit of a mess, since it is also a bus lane, but really it is a speeding cabby lane. If you were headed north, then you would have been coming into oncoming traffic.

Or maybe I'm visualizing this wrong?

hiya said...

There's also a new bike shop (called the Bike Rack) at 1412 Q St NW, just west of 14th Street. Woo-hoo!

bikeroute said...

don't go to bike rack if you aren't knowledgeable about bikes. they aren't very helpful and are pretty snotty. they don't have much of a selection either, and their prices are outrageous. hopefully this other new place will be better.

Anonymous said...

i went to the bike rack today and can attest to the fact that they were jerks. i know a fair amount about bikes but they treated me like an idiot. stay away from that place.

anyone know the address of this new repair shop?

SK said...

I went to the Bike Rack a while back and had my bike insulted in several snarky comments in my five minutes there. Did you get this at Target? Our insurance won't even let us TOUCH that type of bike. Are you sure you don't want this (several hundred dollar new) bike? There was more I don't even remember, could hardly believe what I was hearing at the time.

Though I went back to return what I'd bought (turned out I didn't need it), and the owner/manager type guy who helped me was fantastic. But his staff... I hope he replaced them. :)

Right around the corner, though, I don't know if the 14th and RI/N little shop sharing a video store space is still open, but they were pretty chill, understand commuters, and very helpful in fixing up my bike for a reasonable cost!

I just cringed after finding a Yelp posting that erroneously identifies the COOL little affordable shop as the Bike Rack!! The discussion is closed to further comments!

Christina Parascandola said...

I'm back and hope to start posting to this blog again. Please accept my apologies for being out of the loop. And, this discussion is not closed! To those who posted negative comments about the Bike Rack, my experience with them has been quite different from yours. They were very helpful when I had a problem with my inexpensive hybrid bike, and fixed the problem for free. My serious cyclist friends are regular, repeat customers and participate in their weekend group rides. If you are a serious cyclist and don't want to go out to the suburbs for your cycling gear, my understanding is that the Bike Rack is the place to go.