Saturday, May 12, 2007

Power, Passion, Poetry

El Teatro de Danza Contemporanea de El Salvador, which performed last night at Georgetown University’s Gonda Theatre, is not your cookie cutter modern dance company. The company’s founder and director, Miya Hisaka Silva, has choreographed, danced, directed and taught everywhere except Antarctica.

The company's style skews more classical ballet-oriented than most. My favorite piece was Al Final . . . Tu Ausencia (In the End . . . In Your Absence), a pas de deux, which probably had the most classical elements in last night’s program. The audience favorite, however, was the world premier of Moments of Reflections, performed by the male dancers, set to a piece that the late James Brown narrates rather than sings.

Each and every one of the dancers (only one is Salvadorean) is accomplished in his or her own right and has an individual style. As a group, they lacked the tightness, of say, an Alvin Ailey or Phildanco. I suspect this is because they may not have not danced together long. That, coupled with a couple of surprise music stoppages and house lights being turned on in the middle of a number, gave last night’s performance a dress rehearsal quality. Tonight's performance should be well worth seeing, though.

El Teatro de Danza Contemporanea de El Salvador
Gonda Theatre
Georgetown University
36th and O St. NW
Washington, DC, 20036
Saturday, May 12, 2007
Tickets: $20-30/General Admission; $50/Sat. evening ticket + Post Performance Reception.
Call 202/687-ARTS or

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