Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blade on the Capital Crescent Trail

Yesterday I went roller blading up the Capital Crescent Trail for the first time in weeks. Good thing, because it’s snowing pretty heavily today. I take the approximately eight-mile stretch that runs mostly uphill through the woods and along the Potomac River from Georgetown to Bethesda. The trail one the best things about living in DC. This time of year is especially a treat, because the trees are bare, which allows you to see through the woods, and the trail is nearly empty, even on Saturday. The down side is that it's cold outside. So, you have to overcome your inner couch potato and just do it! You'll be glad you did. Any fellow bladers and cyclists who can’t stand the clueless fair-weather and weekend joggers and walkers who waddle two or three side-by-side or stop in the middle of the trail to chat? Yeah, me too. On the other hand, most of the serious cyclists, the ones with the racing bikes and gear, are fast but courteous.

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